Education Resources

Welcome to the Education Resources! This page is all about helping out my friends in Iran, especially physics undergrad students.

Administrative Processes and Educational Services

Here I try to explain the administrative processes and educational services, which are sometimes very complicated and unusual, in a simple language through the experiences that have existed before. If there have been any changes in any of the described processes and the working method has changed, you can inform me.

Laboratory Reports

Note: Using someone else’s lab reports as your own is considered academic misconduct and can result in serious consequences. It is recommended to always complete your own work and properly cite any sources used.

Physics III Lab (‘21)

Coupled PendulumPDFDoppler EffectPDF
Kundt-Ruben TubePDFLift and Drage ForcePDF
Speed of LightPDFSiphonPDF
Quincke TubePDF  

Physics IV Lab (‘20)

Compton EffectPDFHall EffectPDF
Electron DiffractionPDFRydberg’s ConstantPDF
X-ray AbsorptionPDFFranck–HertzPDF
Photoelectric EffectPDFX-ray IonizationPDF

Optics Lab (‘21)

Cauchy’s TransmissionPDFLight DispersionPDF
Malus’s LawPDFFresnel PrismPDF
Thick LensPDFFraunhofer DiffractionPDF
Dielectric EffectPDFMichelson InterferometerPDF
Refraction IndexPDFUncertainty PrinciplePDF
Optical ActivityPDFFabry–Pérot InterferometerPDF

Solid State Physics Lab (‘22)

Solar CellPDFElectron Spin ResonancePDF
Hall EffectPDFX-ray DiffractionPDF
Magnetic MaterialsPDFHysteresis CurvePDF

Statistical Mechanics III

During the spring semester of 2021, I had the opportunity to work as a teaching assistant for Prof. Ali Rezakhani’s graduate course in statistical mechanics. I am excited to share the problem sets that I published during that time. They may be useful as a study resource for students interested in the subject. Please keep in mind that the course content and material may have been updated since then.

Problem Set No.FileTopics
Set 1PDFClassical Thermodynamics: Entropy of Mixing, Photon Gas Carnot Cycle, Maximum Entropy Principle; Ensemble Theory: Classical Harmonic Oscillator, Quantum Harmonic Oscillator, Curie Susceptibility, Equipartition, Helmholtz Extensiveness.
Set 2PDFDensity Operator: The Schmidt Decomposition, Thermal Radiation, Equivalence of Entropies, Spin 1/2 Particle
Set 3PDFStochastic Processes: Rabbit Evolution, Knight’s Tour, Colored Balls, Transition Matrix, Random Walk, Birth and Death Processes, LGKS Equation
Set 4PDFStochastic Processes: Fokker-Planck Equation, Random Walk and Diffusion Equation, Kramers-Moyal Equation, Backward Kramers-Moyal Equation, Pawula Theorem; Kinetic Theory: One-Dimensional Gas, Evolution of Entropy, Vlasov Equation, Two-Component Plasma
Set 5PDFStochastic Processes: Generalized Langevin Equation; The Partition Function: Boltzmann Distribution, Ideal Bose Gas, The Lee-Yang Theorem in Electrostatics, Grand Partition Function